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My favorite free resource

Ryan Hayden • October 18, 2019

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Almost twenty years ago, when I was in Bible College, I found this little website called "" Even then there were many websites where you could read the Bible, but what made blueletterbible special (and what still makes it special) was that it included study tools.

I remember sitting doing my greek homework with five or six massive books open on my desk:

Word studies would involve:

As you can imagine, this involved several minutes and several papercuts. But even then, in the early 2000s, you could do all of this in a few seconds using

But that's not all, it also has the ridiculously thorough cross references built in from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. Now, if I were stranded on a desert Island and could only have five Bible study books, those would be the one's I'd grab. Honestly, 90% of the time, they are the only one's I use beside commentaries.

And has commentaries too. Quite a few good ones. Matthew Henry, Jameson, Fausett, and Brown. GTY's Bible book introductions. And a treasure by a living guy named David Guzik. (If you aren't reading his commentaries or listening to his sermons - your welcome for the introduction.) They also collate audio sermons from various sources, including, alongside of commentaries. For me, this isn't my only commentary source, (I always buy commentaries for each book I'm preaching through), but it's certainly one of the main ones.

One more thing has that deserves checking out is their free institute courses. The course on Counseling by Bob Hoekstra should be required by every pastor, and it's all completely free.

I know guys who spend a lot of money on Bible study software and I'm sure they have their reasons, but every time I've tried other software I've always missed the simplicity of If you're a pastor and you've never checked this out. Go look at it now. You'll thank me later.

To the faithful team at, I want to say thank you. You've helped this pastor beyond measure. I've used the free tools you've provided every week to help me in my ministry to our church family. My ministry is markedly more biblical because of some of your resources. I know this work has made you neither rich or famous, but I can only imagine the heavenly rewards coming for this.