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Future Plans for Church Tools

Ryan Hayden • October 14, 2019

software updates

I’m currently in the process of redoing ChurchTools.co.

The current implementation of ChurchTools was really the first app(s) I built myself. Like the first piece of furniture I built and the first sermon I preached, it’s very rough around the edges.

Since I first made ChurchTools.co I’ve written several more apps and learned a ton about making software in a much more stable and useable way. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some great developers at ProChurch.com and together we’ve made an awesome tool for automating church Facebook marketing.

Now, I’m taking what I’ve learned and using it to rebuild the Church Tools apps. Here are my plans:

1. Breaking up is hard to do.

One change I’m making on version 2 is breaking the apps up. Right now, all apps are accessed (and purchased) under one domain (app.churchtools.online). Going forward, each tool is going to stand on it’s own, have it’s own domain, and be developed, billed and marketed separately.

Current users will be grandfathered in at the price they are currently paying, and an all apps bundle will still be available, but the emphasis is going to be on individual tools, not on a “suite” of tools.

2. Starting with sermons.

The most buggy part by far has been the sermons app. So I’ve been working on remaking it for weeks with an emphasis on fixing the pain points and making is super stable.

The original idea of Church Tools Sermons is actually something I’m pretty proud of. It doesn’t necessarily need new features, just a better and more stable implementation and maybe a user interface update.

The one new feature I am going to finish before I launch this update is creating a few widgets and plugins for better integration of the sermons library into your existing website.


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