Church Tools by Ryan Hayden
Simple Tools to help your church.
I'm a pastor who is making a bunch of tools that solve common church headaches and letting your church pick one to use for free.
Access all the tools for only $15 per month.

Created by a local church pastor

My name is Ryan Hayden. I’ve been the pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Mattoon, IL since 2011. I’m a normal guy pastoring a growing church who just happens to like making online software and websites. When I’m not preparing sermons or working on church tools, I enjoy running, camping, and swimming with my family.

Besides designing some of the themes (I had help with that) I’ve written 100% of the code and done 100% of the design work. Right now this is just me. So when you have a question, I’ll be the guy who will be answering the phone and helping you.

Mega-Church Features, Micro-Church Prices

I want to help as many churches as possible, not get rich. So I've priced this in a way that any church can afford and every church can benefit from.


$0 / month
$0 / yearly
  • Choose 1 Free Tool
  • 30 Sermons
  • No external website resources

Frequently asked questions

Have a question about Church Tools? Here are answers to some common ones.

Yes. Every church can choose a tool to use for free. There are some limitations: I can't host thousands of sermons for free so I limit it to 30 per church, and external resources (like tithely links or sermonaudio) are turned off on free websites. Besides that - it's free.

Every church starts out with a free account. Once you've signed up for free, you'll have the option to subscribe via credit card on your free tool dashboard. I'm trying to offer an amazing value. Please consider subscribing.

Of course. The user who signs up has special privilege and can add other users.

I'm working on an unsubscribe button, but until then you can send me an email at and I'll unsubscribe you manually.

Yes. I provide a tutorial for pointing your existing domain at your website.

I do not handle domain registrations for you. You'll need to signup for a domain at godaddy, namecheap, hover or any of the other domain registration services and then follow the tutorial to have it resolve to your site.

Your website IS NOT unsecure. (We can promise you that.) This is an issue with an SSL certificate (Something Google Chrome forces you to have). If you've just signed up, this can take a day or so. If you are having other issues, contact me at and I'll look into it.

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