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Church Tools is a project by me, Ryan Hayden. I currently serve as the Pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Mattoon, IL and moonlight as a web developer.

I started church tools years ago with the hope of creating software that solved problems for smaller churches. It's very much a "scratch my own itch" kind of project where I try to make things useful to my church and then release them for others.

The original church tools was a suite of programs that enabled churches to take care of their website, prayer requests, and sermon library for one low annual price. It's still live, although registration is turned off.

Currently, I'm working on rebuilding each of the tools (and adding others). These new tools will not be packaged as a suite but will be single purpose tools, all free to use (although donations are appreciated).

I'm also hoping to do much more blogging on this platform and maybe even startup a podcast here. Stay tuned.